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Hey! My name is Rachel and I’m an Irish personal trainer, competitive powerlifter and powerlifting coach for Unified Strength Methods. I hold an EQF Level 4 qualification in personal training, nutrition and powerlifting. I also study economics and mathematics in university, while pursuing other interests in coaching such as holistic nutrition & disordered eating, female physiology and sleep. I have a passion for learning and will stop at nothing to deliver the very best service to the athletes I work with.


I’ve competed in multiple times in the AIPO and IPL in Ireland, with plans set to compete in the IPF both nationally and internationally when covid allows. 

I’ve worked with top class coaches in Ireland both in powerlifting and bodybuilding and put a massive 82.5kg on my total in the space of 7 months, totalling 360kg at my last competition at 68.1kg bodyweight in the junior class.


Much like USM’s core values, I believe honesty, compassion and growth are at the centre of any good coaching relationship.

I expect these values in both directions - I will give all I can to my lifters, and in return I expect that  they try their best.

I’m also a big believer in individuality - I don’t think there is any ‘one size fits all’ approach in many areas in life, and certainly not in powerlifting programming and coaching.

We are all individuals, with different abilities, environments and perceptions, and we should be treated as such.


Powerlifting to me is a never ending opportunity to improve. 


The weight on the bar is objective. 100kg is always 100kg.


In powerlifting , YOU are the variable.

It is your responsibility to turn up to each session with a full night of sleep, adequate food and hydration, your program written out and your cues memorised. If you want to progress in this sport, it is demanded of you to improve yourself - in all areas of your life. While we all want to hit PBs every now and then, powerlifting is more than that. It teaches you discipline, it makes you delay gratification (often training years on end for a PB), it makes you value hard work and it gives you a community. 

These things are not easily come by in life, so to encounter them all in one place on such an amazing journey is a GIFT.


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My process is very data driven. I employ trackers to analyse all aspects of a lifters lifestyle. The data collected relates to sleep, stress, nutrition, menstrual status, performance, energy and cognitive clarity.

By collecting this data, I can see objectively how each variable changes on weekly basis, and can assess how certain variables influence each other. After careful consideration, I may them use this data to influence decisions related to programming or lifestyle habits in order to progress training.

‘What gets measured , gets managed’ - if we can monitor it  we can improve it.

I also take a very compassionate approach, aiming to understand the ‘why’ of my athletes and empathise when they’re struggling. I know when they need a push and to get the work done, but also when to pull back and affirm them on their progress.


I’ve learned a ton from Sean Noriega, Jonnie Candito, Steve DeNovi, The MuscleMentors , Bryce Lewis and Eric Helms. 

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