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Tell us a bit about you

I have been a part of USM from when it all kicked off! I help out in many ways like creating content for social media & creating events (hopefully more so when coronavirus isn’t around!). 


My favourite lift is probably squat, although it changes around a lot - I tend to like the lift which is performing best at the time. I love to keep active outside powerlifting with hobbies such as open water swimming, cycling, running & horse riding. I also love to be creative through drawing, filming then editing videos & flying my drone. 


I started powerlifting 2 years ago however have only been coached for about 6 months. I have competed a handful of times and in 2019 qualified for  the 2020 British Juniors in the U57 weight class. Unfortunately, due to the event being cancelled, I never actually got to compete.


I originally started going to the gym to help with mental health struggles. I was introduced to powerlifting and found it a lot more beneficial as it enabled me to focus on long term strength goals rather than doing excessive amounts of cardio to reach the lowest weight possible.  I still enjoy training as a release from the world around me and my own thoughts however I am definitely motivated by the thought of lifting the most amount possible.


Powerlifting has definitely taught me that you don’t need to identify as a man to lift heavy! Anyone can be strong and powerful! It has also enabled me to gain resilience and patience by focusing on the long term goal. And it taught me that it isn't scary to go into the free weights section of the gym ;)

WHICH OF OUR core valueS means the most to you?

I think the value ‘Equality for Everyone’ most resonates with me. Equality is something everyone has a right to - this extends to the powerlifting world as well. I think it is important to acknowledge that we are far from complete inclusivity but everyday I try to make steps that will help those around me. Do you do the same?

What one piece of advice would you give the past you when you started powerlifting?

I would tell my old powerlifting self, that just because you can lift heavy doesn’t mean you have to every session. Save the 1rm’s for comps not everyday at the gym!

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