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Alex Young


Tell us a bit about you

My favourite lift has to be Bench- it never used to be, I think I started with a 15 kg bar and it quickly built up to 60 kg and beyond. I love it because it’s just very technical and I love the biomechanics for it.

I’ve been powerlifting for I think 3.5 years now so not long at all in the big picture. I literally started the gym and basic lifting in Drama School ( I’m a musical theatre actress) and decided to do a PT qualification in the middle of Drama School. One highlight for me is competing for Bench only World Championships in Japan 2019 - and I loved the experience! Watching some amazing people and now friends compete from all over the world really opened your eyes and getting to experience new cultures. I’m proud of my 90 kg bench and now I’ve got my eyes on a 100 kg Bench which for a little person like me is a lot!

Stuff I like to do outside lifting is Sing, Dance and Act. Usually you will find me upside down on a pole or hoop doing some splitty shapes or Backbends.


The honest answer- I had an abusive relationship in the past and a random attack happened to me years ago and it really broke me as a person. I was scared and felt weak. I started powerlifting then because I wanted to get physically stronger to help me mental and emotional side as the trauma was too much for me to cope with. So as well as actual therapy powerlifting became a therapy for me to remind myself I’m not weak- I am strong and no one can take that away from me.


It has taught me to be patient and that perfection doesn’t exist. Progress isn’t a straight up path, there will be dips and troughs that you have to work through in order to get to your goal.

Then once you have smashed that goal- reevaluating what next it is you want.

Also it has actually taught me as well as a very special person in my life Aaron- to have a work life balance( it’s actually really important). To leave things at the door and focus on the present :)



My plate maths isn’t bad until you throw a 15 plate in there. That’s when I don’t get it.

WHICH OF OUR core valueS means the most to you?

I would say the core value of Learn, Grow and Teach. I believe that you never stop learning as a trainer or as a human. Being a teacher and PT myself I love learning to expand my knowledge and capabilities to further help my students and others not just in sports but mentally as well.

What one piece of advice would you give the past you when you started powerlifting?

Everything happens for a reason. Keep going, stay strong and believe in yourself. You can set your mind to anything. Be empathetic to yourself and to others - you never know what the other person is going through.


Also doughnuts are not a good pre training snack! Have something not as big!

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