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Tell us a bit about you

My name is Freya and I started powerlifting a year ago, I haven’t competed yet but I’m keeping it in mind for the future. My favorite lift is bench (obviously) and I’d say the thing I am most proud of was benching 70kg. Outside of lifting a lot of my time is taken up at uni but my hobbies include art, photography and anything involving dogs.


The first reason I started lifting was to basically just get stronger and to improve my mental health and over time those reasons became a lot more important to me. The gym and the type of people that I became friends with there became my new home. The constant support and love from likeminded people motivated me inside and outside the gym in most aspects of my life.


Take time in finding the right coach for you and you’ll progress quicker by trusting them and understanding the exercises programmed to you rather than just listening without absorbing the information.


Yes, it’s an individual sport but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. It is a strong community that comes together to help others in many aspects of their lives, it’s not just a competition.

WHICH OF OUR core valueS means the most to you?

Build strong relationships through honesty, respect, and compassion.

What one piece of advice would you give the past you when you started powerlifting?

‘Don’t be scared to be bad at something new’, obviously I’m still telling myself this but I think it’s some of the best advice you can listen to while stepping into the gym.

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