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Get away from your desk!

I’m working from home still post COVID and I am noticing I am getting stiff and sore after a full day working from home. Can you help at all?

One of the most effective ways to make it through your working day without getting stiff and sore is something called Microbreaks.

Microbreaks are small breaks in the day where you change the pace and move around to give your body some relief from the strain of being in one position for a long time. This can be the flow I’ve put below, going for a walk or just standing up and going to get some water. For those of you standing a lot- your Microbreaks may be sitting down and giving the feet a rest.

I can hear you asking how often you should take these breaks. Well that’s going to be individual person to person. Gauge how long you can handle one position without discomfort. Once you find your upper limit, schedule a Microbreaks before it hits. Then reset the clock when you go back to work. For me personally it’s everywhere 20-25 minutes or so. Another trick you could try is placing your phone or water bottle across the room so you have to get up to check it or get a drink.

Microbreak Movement routine-

1. Hip Flexor Opener

2. Hamstring Opener

3. Cat-Cow

4. Ankle circles

5. Chest opener

6. Shoulder rolls

7. Neck movement

Do at least 20 seconds of each exercise

Break away from the desk and feel less stiff and more productive 🎉

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